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Full of enthusiasm and drive, Ash can deliver talks for all manner of events.

Ash should come with a health warning because his passion and motivation are infectious.

Ash has delivered talks at schools, colleges, universities, has spoken in parliament alongside Annie Lennox, is a TEDx speaker and what he is most popular for; is corporate talks.
Ash at TEDxCardiff - 2017

What people are saying...

Dimitris, (CEO) of Navarino, 2020

We were delighted to host Ash at our customer event in Athens this winter. His talk on walking the Yangtze brought a real dose of adventure to proceedings and our audience were thrilled to hear about his remarkable accomplishments. I can highly recommend him as an inspiration to all, especially to young people who are looking to push the boundaries of what they can do, be the best and never quit.

Dulwich College Seoul, 2019

Ash captivated the students, recalling exciting tales of his adventures while explaining the many valuable lessons he learned along the way. The students learned about the importance of planning and organisation and how to break down seemingly impossible tasks into smaller, achievable ones.

Xi’an Dehong - Head of Elementary, 2019

Ash Dykes’ Shackleton lecture was a fantastic opportunity for our students, faculty and parents. He used his animated personality and a striking visual presentation of his journey through Mongolia and China to connect with our students. Mr. Dykes modelled sustainability for us while encouraging our parents to allow their children to explore and be pioneers. I can’t say enough about the positive tone his visit helped create within our school community!

Xi’an Dehong - Parents of Pupils, 2019

This was a very inspiring adventure experience which had positive significance to the world. I have heard many lectures, big or small, but Dehong's lecture taught children about big love. I am very glad to meet Ash, and my children can get positive information in Dehong, which can motivate him to find his own dream and think about what kind of life he will chase. Thanks Ash, thanks Dehong.

Yangon, Myanmar, 2019

Ash presented to DCY in September, his achievements are remarkable. He presented in a compelling and engaging way. Overall, his two messages were simple but powerful, the world is beautiful but fragile and we must keep working to protect and conserve its resources. In addition, anything is possible; his philosophy is that by breaking down any problem, however big or small, it can be overcome. Both ideas can be applied to the challenges that we all face daily.

TedX Hangzhou, 2019

Ash Dykes is one of the most exciting speakers I have worked with, who impressed me with his high efficiency! I saw from him, his passion for environmental protection and for breaking new ground of potential. His passion is reflected in his speech, for the full 18 minutes he had the whole crowed silently listening at the TEDxHangzhouSalon 2019 stage. Many of the audience couldn’t wait to ask our organising committee whether his speech scripts can be shared with them. Thanks again Ash Dykes!!

TedX Hangzhou, 2019

Ash delivered a very inspirational and insightful speech at TEDxHangzhouSalon 2019, which is not only about his personal journey but also about his efforts to protect the environment. He shared with us, how he reached his ultimate goal and in doing so, pushed the limits of what a human can accomplish. I see a young man with courage, belief and unimaginable potential. Indeed, there is no shortcut in our lives. It is only by focusing on the little steps that can help us approach our dreams, and it is only by facing our fears that we can bring out the greatest courage inside us. Ash is one of the best examples that we should all hear from!

UK Parliamentary Reception, June 2016

Ash delivered a powerful speech at an event in the UK Parliament to help explain the devastation of malaria, and how the UK is playing a huge role in the astonishing progress we’ve made over the last 15 years, saving more than 6 million lives. His personal story helped put a spotlight on the impact of malaria for an audience of MPs, the private sector and scientific community.

Science Lates, Science Museum, October 2016

At one of the busiest evening events hosted by London’s Science Museum – a special Science Lates in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Ash spoke to a full house about his travels, adventures and own experience of getting malaria. With standing room only, Ash’s talk was a chance for a new audience to hear about malaria, a disease that still kills a child every two minutes.

Conwy Sports Awards

Ash’s speech at the Conwy Sports Awards 2016 was a hypnotising mix of mental strength, personal endeavour and survival. His story is guaranteed to captivate audiences of all ages, who will be inspired by his energy and enthusiasm.

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