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China' Mobi-Garden visits Wales

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During one week in May, I had Mobi-Garden come to Wales for a photo shoot.

Mobi-Garden is the third largest outdoor brand in China, with over 100 stores situated in many different cities across the country.

When I was invited to China (Shenzhen) to provide a speech back in November 2016, I was approached and asked to model the clothes for Mobi-Garden on their next photo-shoot.

I said yes and not so long after, I was on a flight out to Indonesia, where female model (Indus Hill – from England) and myself, trekked around Bali, ventured over to Lombok and summited Mount Rinjani, the second highest Volcano in Indonesia at 3,726m above sea level.

This was an epic experience, I absolutely loved it, the islands were stunning and the view from on top was breath taking, but to top it all – photographers Amanda and Tiger had captured incredible photos for Mobi-Garden to display on the outside and inside of their buildings across China, with a short video of myself trekking from sea level, to the peak of Rinjani, that featured me testing their kit in different terrains through the short one minute trailer.

Straight after the shoot, I flew back to the UK for one day, as I had a talk to attend, then flew straight back out to China for a speech in Shanghai, which was another amazing experience!

I was then contacted to take part in another second photo-shoot, this time Mobi-Garden were looking to head to the UK. They were looking at either Scotland or the Lakes which are both beautiful places, but I recommended that they head to Wales, my home and also my training ground. I told them I can take them to locations that include waterfalls, mountains, lakes, woodlands and sea views with coastal cliffs. After the amazing photos they captured in Indonesia, I knew the pressure was on, but equally knew that Wales could deliver if I took them to the right locations.

They had accepted and arrived on the 22nd of May, for that week, I was their porter, logistics manager and driver. When I’m in China, they truly look after me and are always so hospitable, so I wanted to treat them in the exact same way and have them leave Wales feeling satisfied with the photos they captured, but also with how smoothly things went.

I had met up with Jim Jones who is managing director for North Wales Tourism a few days before Mobi arrived, as it was exciting news that they were coming to Wales. Jim helped with arranging accommodation, transport and equally wanted Mobi to get the most out of their visit here.

We first booked them into a stunning hotel called Belmont, which overlooked Llandudno Bay and once the team of six had arrived, to include female model Anna Clough, we had a lot of kit to sort out.

For the next five days, I took them to various locations, to include: - Anglesey, Aberfalls, Tryfan, Snowdon, Betws-y-coed and Llyn Idwal. These locations were perfect for the type of photos they were looking to capture, from rugged Mountain shots wearing technical equipment, to more travel shots camping by the lake. We wore over twenty different items all together in order to complete the full range of clothing for their next season of kit.

Here is what Mobi-Garden said: - "North Wales is beautiful and looks similar to New Zealand, each location we visit, feels like a different country and will provide some amazing shots for our stores across China.”

It was an honour to have them here and show the team around North Wales and I look forward to seeing photos of Wales displayed across China very soon.

Big thanks again to the Mobi-Garden team, Amanda, Tiger and Jim Jones

Check out the following photos and if you have any other locations you’d like to suggest, please do let me know where you have in mind.

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