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My life so far, has seen me constantly break my goals down into smaller steps. I concentrate on prioritising what I should do first, second, third and so on, creating a mind map with everything on there that will help me to achieve the main goal.
By not doing this, I become lost on what I should tackle first; I forget important things and let the minor things slip off track.

I find that I don’t only plan this way for expeditions, but I use this method when I arrive home and want to tackle the year ahead as best as I can, before heading off somewhere else. Looking at the main goal is important, but can also seem daunting, so that’s why I urge anyone wanting to achieve something big or small, to just break your goals down, ticking off each section as you go, until you finally tick off the last and are on your way to achieving it.



I believe that no matter what we set ourselves, what ambition we have, there will always be people that place doubts into your mind.

With my expeditions, I have often come across people who told me that what I was aiming to do just wasn’t possible. I would always listen to what I call “the dream stealers”, as sometimes they weren’t looking to be negative, it’s just something they could never imagine doing for themselves, which is fine. Often when something hasn’t been done, it’s easier to say it can’t be done, than to look into the facts of why it hasn’t been done. I would take on board what they said and try to figure out how I can overcome these obstacles that they pointed out – so I’d always thank them for it, as they were effectively making me more aware.

This would spur me on to plan harder, train harder and prepare for the worst, and when the time comes – I’d be ready and willing to overcome each challenge, hoping to prove that it is after all – possible.

It doesn’t matter if no one else sees it happening for you, you must see it for yourself.

Live in the now

It’s easy to get caught up with focusing too much on where you’re trying to get to, that you forget about the journey itself. 

It’s the journey, the mistakes you make, the fun you have and the people you meet, that will eventually stand out most, as one of your highlights. Enjoy the process, live in the now, surround yourself with positive people and this will make for far better memories and experiences, whilst you’re on your journey to achieving your main goal.

What are your priciples? Write to Ash directly in the comments box below.

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