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Where’s Ash? You can now track him live!

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Ash’s world record-setting #MissionYangtze promises to be one of the most digitally engaging expeditions in history and today we’re helping deliver on that promise by launching a Live Tracker on Ash’s website.

Live Tracker

The Live Tracker uses real-time GPS to let you see where Ash is at any time during his epic journey, and shares the route Ash has taken, his current location, plus his altitude and speed.

Being able to interact with Ash through his social media channels will further enrich this adventure, as you’ll be able to keep completely up-to-date with his journey, monitoring the length and difficulty of the terrain and climate, while hearing first-hand from Ash the challenges he’s facing with isolation, wild animals and dangerous environments all around him.  

Ash’s ability to use his social channels while in the remote locations he’s passing through on his journey is thanks to his technology partner Navarino, who have powered him with the data he needs to stay in touch with the outside world.

Currently on the Live Tracker we can see that Ash is making good headway during one of the most challenging parts of his journey.

The green line is the area already covered and the grey track is the path that Ash will follow over the next 12 months.

You may also note there are two sources of the Yangtze plotted on the map.

The ‘Traditional Source’ was one start point considered to begin the journey, however Ash chose to begin at the harder-to-reach ‘Scientific Source’, ensuring that #MissionYangtze started at the official, scientifically recognised source of the Yangtze river for this world-first adventure,  as mapped by the China Exploration and Research Society.

Live Tracker Zoomed Out

Click here to see estimated timelines for when Ash is expecting to pass through the different stages of the journey and follow him in real time on the Live Tracker to see if he is on target to meet his time goals.

And remember to subscribe to Ash’s YouTube channel for alerts on when he’s going live with video updates, direct from the Yangtze throughout the coming year.  


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