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Back on track after yet another unexpected setback

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If you checked in to see Ash’s #MissionYangtze progress over the weekend using the Live Tracker on his website you may have noticed that he was forced to temporarily venture off his planned route.


Just six days into the journey, Ash faced a major unexpected challenge that not only cost him time but has also meant that he had to walk an extra 40 miles of terrain that he had already covered during the first week.


From what we know, this unexpected challenge was both dramatic and stressful, and we are expecting to hear more from Ash shortly, so stay tuned for further details and make sure you follow him on Twitter for updates live from his satellite equipment and drone - including pictures of the Yangtze River carving through the Tibetan Plateau (see below).



Ash's Tweet from Garmin 1 Sept 18

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Despite the setback Ash is safe, making good progress again and will share details about what happened, and how it was resolved as soon as he is able.

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