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Two days to go... are you excited yet?

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As you may know (if you read this blog post) Ash has been working away behind the scenes on lots of exciting things which we'll be announcing very soon!


He's mainly been focusing on kicking his training into gear as preparations for his next expedition are ramping up. He's spent the last year putting in long, gruelling hours to get everything ready, but achieving goals is all about teamwork, he's lucky to be working with some great people on this one!


We can’t say too much right now about Ash's latest big adventure – but we can give you two clues. The first is that if Ash completes it he’ll be a triple world-first explorer, and the second is that he's heading to a country where he's never done an expedition before…


It’s going to be his biggest challenge to date - there's no doubt about that. But Ash strongly believes that if the goals you set yourself don’t push you to be better and stronger, you need to set yourself some new ones.


The best thing about this expedition is that you’re going to be able to follow Ash every step of the way. Thanks to the latest tech, he can live stream and share the entire expedition so that you can stick with him throughout the literal (and metaphorical!) peaks and troughs of his journey.


But it’s not just about seeing him sweat. Ash is passionate about learning more about new cultures and communities, and can’t wait to share his insights and experiences with you all.


However it’s not all about Ash! We’re all part of a community of adventurers and you could be the next record-setting explorer. We want to hear all about your own challenges using the hashtag #SenseOfAdventure. What have you been up to that’s particularly cool and inspiring? What adventures do you dream of having? Let us know using the hashtag!

So, watch out for Ash's announcement video THIS WEDNESDAY, and be sure to share it as far and wide as you can to spread the word! To join him on this epic adventure don’t forget to follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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