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Send-off of the decade, for the expedition of the decade

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23rd June 2018 saw the official Chinese launch of Mission Yangtze; the third, and biggest 'world first' expedition hoping to be achieved by Ash Dykes, the Welsh / British extreme adventurer. Guests flew in from around the world to witness and be part of a fantastic party which sailed down the Bund in Shanghai on an incredible luxurious mississippi river boat.
The occasion was organised by Health and Happiness and filled with lots of support and best wishes for what will become Ash Dykes' biggest, most daring and most interactive wild expedition to date.
Towards the end of this month (July 18), Ash will begin something no other human being has ever been recorded to complete; walking from the Yangtze river’s source in the melt waters of the Jianggendiru Glacier on the Tibetan Plateau to its delta near Shanghai. The length of the river spans a whopping 6,450 km, and Ash will complete all of this on foot, facing a multitude of natural and wild dangers along the way.
Throughout the evening of the launch party, Ash fascinated all the guests with a riveting insight into his upcoming adventure. Ash also shared his own development and mind-building techniques which will ultimately be the hidden success of his expedition.
Ash is incredibly excited to be going in to Mission Yangtze across 2018/19 with solid partners on board. Not only his social media, development and logistic teams, but also his commercial partners; which can be found here.
One of Ash's commercial partners at the event was 'Water-to-Go'.
Water-to-Go has not only sponsored and provided dirty water filtration to thousands of vulnerable children and adults around the world, but they are also providing Ash with their leading scientific water bottles and filtration technology which will provide Ash with access to safe, clean water filtered straight out of the Yangtze itself.
One of the primary goals and why Ash loves our planet and what it has to offer so much; is the appreciation for everything the wild has to offer. Our planet, and its natural wonders need to be protected; and whatever Ash can do in order to help with filtering clean water for locals to drink or aiding in the awareness of cleaning the world’s oceans and rivers from plastic and other pollutants can only be a good thing for Ash.
During this mission launch party; Ash was also privilidged to be able to launch his book 'Mission Possible' freshly translated into Mandarin. Ash has a highly engaged audience in China and being able to share his incredible feats and experiences in their language was a fantastic achievement for him.
Please stay tuned to Mission Yangtze over 2018 and 2019, by connecting via his social media buttons at the bottom of the screen.


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