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Hi All!!
Very unusual times for all of us. I hope that you are all keeping well and safe.
Four weeks ago, I arrived in Thailand where there were only 16 recorded cases of COVID-19. 
Two weeks later, when my flight home was due, the number had risen to over 900!
Crazy the changes that happened within a short space of time. I was out in Thailand with plans to top up my scuba diving, Muay Thai and wakeboarding. Unfortunately Muay Thai and scuba diving weren’t an option, as things started to tighten up, but I managed to get plenty of wakeboarding in.
I left at the right time, with lockdown commencing on my departure date.
The vibe in the airport was strange, with two screens full of cancelled flights and only three remaining (to include mine).
On return to the UK, that’s when it hit, with just how quiet the roads were on the drive home from the airport.

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As soon as lockdown is over, I’ll be flying outta here, like.....??‍♂️? Edit = @joelmez

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I’ve now been home for two weeks, I have a good routine and I’m posting constantly on my Instagram via stories and posts, to include home bodyweight workouts. In the hope that this may help some of you to keep active or at least spark new ideas of ways to keep fit during the lockdown.
It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, mainly because I  assume you’re all on my social media, so please comment in the comments section below, if you’re not on social media, in which case, your only way to receive updates is via my website.
Where are you based and how have you been affected?

I send my best wishes out to you all, stay strong and stay productive, it’s times like these where we need to appreciate the people we have around us, clear those jobs off the list and try to develop ourselves or learn something new so that you exit this pandemic with a new skill, a healthier body, ready to tackle the rest of the year ? 
An individuals willingness to overcome is powerful.

We’re all in this together, but I understand that some are much worse off than others, let’s help where and in any way we can.

- Ash

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