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Another fantastic podcast here that shows a different perspective to other podcasts I’ve done. I think you may enjoy.
On 24th Jan, I took a trip to London, to meet Josh Patterson (Made in Chelsea reality TV star and ex-professional rugby player) and be on his Limitless podcast, which is the number 1 Apple podcast in the UK.
We had a fantastic conversation and Josh asked some great questions.

It’s a 30-minute long podcast and we go more in-depth into the background of how it all began, touching on topics like fear, resilience and ideas on going after your dream regardless of your background and financial state.
Always trying to relate it into everyday life, in the hope that whoever is listening, is able to take something away from it, in order to help them in whatever they’re facing.
I hope you enjoy and once again - any feedback or questions are always welcome.

Listen here:

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