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Land, Air and Sea

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Since a young age, I’ve always wanted to try as much as I could, develop myself through trying new things.

Certain games, cartoons, movies and toys, specifically “Action Man”, on the TV adverts, skydiving down into a jungle, where he takes to his machete, hacks through avoiding dangerous predators and militia, surviving off the land, taking to off-road vehicle’s, scuba diving through caves and being a savage at martial arts, should anyone be foolish enough to take him on.

Haha, this maybe stood out alongside my fascination with the world, dinosaurs (yeah boy!) and travel.
Anyway, from those days, I always wanted to have skills in all three components:- Land, Air and Sea.
Land and sea I’ve been doing for the past decade, from crossing deserts, jungles, mountains, obtaining my powerboat license, master scuba diving qualifications and various other land and sea-based certificates, qualifications and skills.
I recently decided to reach out to Sky School via their Instagram and asked if they’d be willing to partner with me and help me achieve my AIR.

SkySchool is Europes leading Paramotor school and Alex the CEO delivered a fast turn around, with me literally driving down to Hinton in the hedges the following day.
Oscar, SkySchools videographer/photographer and all-round top guy, filmed my time and edited the vlog. Take a look at the YouTube video here:

This is the beginning of more unlocked potential and I look forward to developing myself in the sky.
Big thanks to Sky School and Oscar.

- Ash

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