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Ash Dykes invited onto the Joe Rogan Podcast in Los Angeles

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Ash Dykes featured on the Joe Rogan Podcast in Los Angeles.
Joe is an American stand-up comedian, mixed martial arts (UFC) commentator, podcast host, and former actor and television host.
Joe’s podcast (Joe Rogan Experience), is the number one podcast in the world on many platforms, to include YouTube.
He has hosted the likes of Kevin Hart, Elon Musk, Mike Tyson and many more international household names.
Just before the new year, Ash received an email from the JRE team, asking what Ash’ availability was during the month of January 2020 and if he’d be able to fly to LA for the in-person podcast.
All is now confirmed and Ash flies to LA on the 10th of January, for the podcast which will be recorded on the 13th.
The podcast often receives millions of views across the various platforms and is for a duration of one to three hours.
If you want to listen/watch the podcast with Joe and Ash, then stay tuned to their social media and YouTube, for the release date on the 13th.
This kick-starts the new year in a great way for Ash. He’s been covered heavily across the news in China, has featured on the One Show, Good Morning Britain, Sky News and many other national channels in the UK and hit international news channels, to include BBC World News, Fox News, World Service and is now invited over to the USA to tell his story via Joe’s podcast.
Ash said, "I'm super stoked to be on the podcast, I’ve been a fan of Joe and his podcasts for a while now and always hoped to get on the show one day, but never thought it would be this soon!"
Follow on Ash’ Instagram as he’ll keep everyone updated via his Insta stories.
Below are the links to Joe Rogan and Ash’ YouTube channels:-

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