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Man, what a year!

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I feel 2019 has been one of my favourite years yet but saying that - this decade has been huge altogether.
Ten years ago, I was only a few months from departing at the age of 19, for my world travels.
This took two years of planning, working to save the money as a waiter and lifeguard, whilst finishing off my college diploma course.
It’s funny how one thing leads to the next. It started with having a dream, a vision and protecting it, whilst working hard to achieve it. 
Whilst travelling I decided to do something a little different to the usual tourist trap. Little did I know, this would embed a passion for adventure, and confidence to peruse them no matter what.
My friend and I purchased £10 bicycles and cycled Cambodia and Vietnam, with nothing other than a small backpack.
This little adventure hooked us and we continued to pursue bigger, better and more ambitious adventures from then on.
Fast forward almost ten years and here I am, at home after completing a third world-first record, in hiking the length of the Yangtze River. A journey that took three years of energy, time, vision and dogged determination. 
Overwhelmed by these past ten years, but so excited for what the next decade brings.

Decade in Review - Ash Dykes

We enter into a new decade, this is yours, so don’t hold back.
Stay positive, be you, hold hope and hang around with good people.
Listen, learn, develop, take the hard days on the chin and let the good days build momentum.
Sharpen those strengths and develop those weaknesses.
Let’s break into the new decade in a major way. 
Remember, all of my expeditions have been achieved based on 70% mindset.

Health, happiness and prosperity to you and your family ? 

Ash Dykes - Happy New Year

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