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Ash Dykes’ Interactive World First Mission Yangtze: Update

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This is a social update directly from the Ash Dykes WeChat channel.

During his Mission Yangtze UK adventurer ASH DYKES is not only focussing on ‘walking the Yangtze’ but he is also trying to interact with people along the way, giving interviews or speeches in order to share all aspects of the journey so far.

在英国探险家Ash Dykes徒步挑战完成长江期间,他不仅只专注于“徒步长江”,还尝试了于沿途的人们进行互动,接受了媒体的采访以及进行了演讲,为大家分享了他到目前为止在一路上所经历的各种历程。

He has been presenting to children at a primary school, all full of energy and eager to meet Ash in person after they have heard about his extraordinary journey.


Ash just loves sharing stories about the mission so far and tries to help with advice whenever he can. Whether that is facing challenges and rising against the struggle, or understanding just how amazing our planet is. Realising that there is so much to explore, but important it is to protect too.


With Ash heading further towards the mouth of the Yangtze River his mission starts becoming big news with an increasing number of the public following. 随着Ash向长江口的深入,他得到人们越来越多的关注度,而他的长江任务也开始成为一则大新闻。

Sometimes Ash would even come across a crowd of people that would walk with him for a while and then wish him well for the next mileages to come. 有时,Ash甚至会遇到一群人主动提出愿意和他一起走上那么一会儿,然后他们会祝福Ash在接下来的路程中一切顺利。

Back in March CHINA DAILY was writing a cover story on Ash and his journey with more and more media gaining interest.


Beginning April Ash has been invited by the ‘China Adventure Association’ for a live interview. Ash loved it and is totally excited about the interacitivity of his mission so far.


Earlier in Chongqing Ash then was attending a book signing event for his first book ‘MISSION POSSIBLE’, that got translated into Chinese language. The audience showed immense interest and engagement throwing fantastic questions at Ash. Full house with all books being completely sold out.


Further on in beginning April Ash was invited by Chongqing Radio, Chongqing TV, Youth Daily and Discover Chongqing to give some more interviews. 4月初,Ash还应邀接受了重庆电台、重庆电视台、青年报和《探索重庆》的一些采访。

Just right after Ash got approached by ‘WUJI’ brand that would fly in First Class to Shanghai for a ‘fast’ photo shoot for GQ magazine together with Chinese action movie and martial art star 向佐 JACKY HEUNG… wow !!!

就在Ash和“无极”品牌接洽后不久,他就被安排坐头等舱飞往上海,与中国动作片武术明星向佐JACKY HEUNG一起为GQ杂志拍摄一系列宣传照……哇!!!!

WUJI is a cobranded clothing range between Adidas and international Movie Star Jet Li. WUJI wanted two social influencers, one from the east and one from the west, to come together and show off the beauty of this martial art.


Ash’ background is mainly Muay Thai, but always eager to learn more and put on a show, Jacky with his 10+ years of experience, guided Ash through some basic Kung-Fu moves and certainly got Ash looking sharp for the photos.


There was a recent Adidas Photo Exhibition in Shanghai, followed by the official launch. With Adidas, GQ, Jacky Heung and Ash Dykes sharing across their social media platforms, this generated a reach of tens of millions across China. With Jacky having over 10,000,000 followers, there were over 13,000 shares, 10,500 comments and 23,400 likes! With Ash’ comment hit ‘top comment status’ and gaining an even greater following on Weibo.


After all this exciting events Ash has been flown back to Chongqing and is already back on track, walking the the next leg of Mission Yangtze. Just few days ago he reached the city of Wanzhou.


We wish Ash all the best for the adventures lying ahead and cannot wait for new exciting stories and images reaching us. 我们希望Ash能为即将到来的探险时刻做好准备,我们也迫不及待地等待着他崭新的激动人心的故事和图片信息传到我们这里。

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