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Ash receives Honorary Credential

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Ash received an honorary credential on his most recent trip to China, by Shanghai Media Group.

The credential was due to Ash’ positive promotions of sustainability and environmental awareness among the course of Mission Yangtze.
Ash featured in a 6 part series that went across China reaching tens of millions, which focussed on ecological changes in recent years among the locals and governments to implement actions to help protect and preserve the natural environment.
Ash was the only westerner in the six-part series and attended a press conference regarding the success of the release. He provided a speech speaking of the change, what he witnessed first hand and that efforts must not plateau, they must continue, reaching more and more people and targeting the younger generation to help put more focus and importance on what is a crucial topic.

Ash Dykes - Ted X

Among this, Ash also spoke at a TEDx Talk “Life Lessons Learnt from the Extremes”, which went down so well, that the audience requested it is put as a transcript on the main website, so they can access, read and learn more about these lessons.

Ash was headline speaker and with this being his third TEDx Talk having already delivered hundreds of motivational talks around Asia and Europe, he was eager to get on the stage.

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