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Ash Dykes requested for TEDx Talk in China

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Ash has flown back to China, only two weeks after his three-week speaking tour across Asia for the International Dulwich Colleges.

This time it’s to present at the prestigious TEDx Talk in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

The organisation contacted Ash through his Chinese social media account (Weibo), who followed his journey online.

This will be Ash’ third TED Talk, after speaking in Manchester (2016) and Cardiff (2017).


Ash said: "My talk title is 'Life lessons learnt from the extremes', I'll aim to focus on sharing stories that are relatable in everyday life. I want to provide an insight into lessons I learnt, in some of the worlds inhospitable environments and techniques I put in place, that helped save my life and achieve my goal.
These lessons can be converted into every day struggles that we all face.

The aim being, to leave the audience feeling empowered and motivated to achieve whatever it is they’re working towards.

My stories also include environmental angles, promote clean living and highlight positive actions taking place to help protect and preserve the biodiversity of the countries I've travelled through".
Ash will then travel north to Beijing, where he’ll spend the day at an international college, sharing stories and taking workshops.

Before returning home, Ash will help to launch Dragon TV’s new documentary across China.

Trailer for Breath of Life 2020 event

This documentary features Ash' journey and highlights local environmental protection stories along the length of the Yangtze River, as well as the sustainability changes, currently taking place across the nation.

Ash was joined by them during a section in Wuhan and then again for the finish line. 
With his environmental messages during Mission Yangtze and the hype gathered across China, they were sure to fly out to join and capture a part of his record-setting journey.

If you have any questions for Ash, please respond below and on his social media channels - he does try and respond to your questions directly as much as possible.

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