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Ash Dykes approached by Adidas for a GQ photo shoot with Chinese action movie and martial art star 向佐 Jacky Heung

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Ash Dykes approached by Adidas for a GQ photo shoot with a Chinese action movie and martial art star 向佐 Jacky Heung.
On 23rd March, Ash was flown to Shanghai by WUJI, which is a cobranded clothing range between Adidas and international Movie Star Jet Li.
WUJI has a very strong message, (WU) short for WUSHU, is one of the many fighting styles under the Kung-Fu umbrella, which has developed over the centuries in China.
(JI) means many things, from boundless, limitless, improving, developing and what Ash is used to... accomplishing new feats and breaking records.

With the backgrounds of both Jacky Heung and Ash Dykes, who continue to set the bars high. WUJI wanted two social influencers, one from the east and one from the west, to come together and show off the beauty of this martial art, with the traditional clothing slightly modified and upgraded by Adidas, WUJI and Jet Li.
Ash’ background is mainly Muay Thai, but always eager to learn more and put on a show, Jacky with his 10+ years of experience, guided Ash through some basic Kung-Fu moves and certainly got Ash looking sharp for the photos.
Ash said “I’m honoured to not only appear on their radar but to be contacted to actually be fronting the photo-shoot with Jacky and representing the west.
Going from the extremes of an expedition, to then being flown out first class with stylists and makeup artists, was certainly quite the contrast!
The ethos of WUJI sits perfectly with what I do and what I’m all about. Starting from the bottom, building the foundations and working hard to break limits and shoot for the stars.
It was a privilege and I look forward to doing it again.”

Not only will it be in GQ and online platforms, but there is also an exhibition where the two will be representing Adidas -WUJI on the blown up billboards.
Ash is now back in Chongqing, preparing for the next leg of Mission Yangtze.
Follow his social media platforms at the bottom of your screen, and track his live #MissionYangtze progress here.

There was a recent Adidas Photo Exhibition in Shanghai, followed by the official launch. With Adidas, GQ, Jacky Heung and Ash Dykes sharing across their social media platforms, this generated a reach of tens of millions across China. With Jacky having over 10,000,000 followers, there were over 13,000 shares, 10,500 comments and 23,400 likes! With Ash’ comment hit ‘top comment status’ and gaining an even greater following on Weibo.

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