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Ash Dykes on Expedition Announcement

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For over a year, Ash has been working hard behind the scenes, planning what is set to be his most ambitious mission to date.

With planning the logistics, mapping the route, scouting the obstacles, working on technology and satellite communication systems, liaising with sponsors and members of his team, discussing plans with the film crew, among much more and all whilst training, delivering presentations and moving forward with the day to day swing of things. Ash Dykes has announced that he is finally ready to announce his next groundbreaking expedition - next month!

Ash said “It’s been a roller coaster of a ride; it has taken a lot of grind, discipline and many setbacks. But this is already in the past and I’m really excited to be able to move forward and reveal what I’ve been working on for over a year, very shortly.”

It’s looking to be one of the world’s most interactive expeditions, so be sure to sign up to Ash’s mailing list below, in order to receive news and exclusive updates before, during and after the expedition.
Feel free to write your guesses in the comment box below on what expedition you think Ash is planning!! laughing

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