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Breaking news: Ash is now the face of a huge outdoor brand

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Ash today signed a partnership agreement with Kailas, the biggest outdoor, technical clothing and equipment company in China, and a mainstream brand throughout Asia.

Ash will be the face of a new range of ‘AD by Kailas’ branded outdoor clothing and kit, and as the face of the brand, is about to be world famous in China.

Before Ash launches his next world-first expedition, Mission Yangtze, walking 4,000 miles along the length of the Yangtze river from next month, he will be working closely with the Kailas team to develop and design his ‘AD by Kailas’ branded range.

The range will appear in Kailas’s 300 stores across China, as well as their e-commerce store and over 1,000 other retailers across the country.

The deal was signed on stage in Guangzhou at Kailas’s biggest annual event, where dealers and retailers from across China have come together to see the Kailas kit, clothing and equipment for the coming year.  Ash delivered a 30 minute presentation to an audience of around 100 people, assisted by a translator. 

Ash was delighted to explain that “Kailas are a top and revolutionary brand, who work in partnership with the likes of Polartec and Gortex to deliver the best quality, technical and record-breaking kit that has been tested in the world’s toughest environments, including both the North and South Poles. To align my brand with the Kailas brand is a huge jump and one I feel very honoured by, and I am excited to develop things further.”


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