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Ash has always taken his training serious and actually realised his passion for fitness long before exploration. It helps that he enjoys it, but whilst training, what keeps him motivated is trying to picture the toughest scenarios he’ll face when out in the wild and often - the toughest has come true, where he’s relied on his training to survive.


Whether that’s grasping his photographer's hand in Madagascar during a nighttime river crossing in the cyclone season, fighting against the current as she hangs in the balance of being washed away...


Getting back up from underneath his desert cart in Mongolia and taking one agonising step after another, whilst suffering immensely with dehydration...


Or crossing the most terrifying landslides (balance and agility), hacking through the densest and most demanding jungles (muscular endurance) or fighting and hanging in there during a bout with Malaria, for just long enough to make it to medical services...


Ash says: “Mindset is a whole different ball game and often plays the biggest part. But never be mistaken with how important training and fitness is.”
Most who have joined him on his missions have learnt this the hard way...


“Your body is a tool and you can teach it unthinkable things, I don’t come with a military or personal trainer background, I come self-taught. I’ve learnt from people I’ve met and I’ve learnt through making mistakes, falling, standing back up and going again with experience”


“I’ve always been into fitness, body movement and martial arts, when I returned from living in Thailand, back to living at home with my parents to prepare for Mongolia, I had no money even for a gym membership. I had to train, so my remedy was to ask people for freebies and collect items such as a sledge hammer, tractor tyre etc, in order to train in my own back garden"


This - you can do too, whatever your vision, understand that you can be stripped of everything, stand completely naked and still have everything you need to make it happen - go get it.

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